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May 4, 2024

What can I say… I love Palmistry and I have been doing it for a very very long time - 25 plus years and the rest…

Those lines on your palms? They're like a magical roadmap, capturing your deepest dreams and aspirations. But life isn't always a joyride, right? Our hands also reveal our fears and struggles. Your hands also forecast your future and what you have experienced in the past. How magical is that!

There is a lot involved in palm reading that cannot be fully covered in one post, but I will provide a general overview and lay down the fundamentals. Your hand reflects your emotions, thoughts, vitality, and motivation. The hand's landscape, including its fingers and thumb, serves as an organic landscape that enhances the meaning of the lines when interpreted collectively. 

A key element of Palmistry is the deep connection between ancient Astrology & the Ancient Archetypes, which breathe life into the planetary gods.

Ancient Palmistry artwork foretelling ones destiny
Palmistry hand with their astrlogical markings

The planets, along with Apollo (Sun), govern the fingers, thumb, and specific regions on your palm. This reveals and emphasises a person's dominant archetype, laying the groundwork for a palm reading.

The Hand Type

There are various methods to reach this conclusion. Personally, I categorise hand types as fire, air, water, or earth elements. While combinations of these four elements are possible, let's concentrate on how these elements are depicted in different hand shapes.

Fire hands are where the palm is of a rectangular shape and the finger lengths are shorter than the height of the palm. Usually the hand type has deep energy-like lines. Overall this is a dynamo, adventurous and need things done yesterday type of person. This type of hand is more a leader than a follower but certain signs would need to be present in the fingers, mounts and lines to back it up. Aspire is their motto.

Air hands are where the palm is of a square shape and the finger lengths are longer than the palm height. The lines are not as deep as the fire hand, but there is a lot of lighter lines that give a busy hand appearance. Overall this type of hand is a thinker, philosopher and communicator. This type of hand thinks a lot and can stifle the need to get things done. Again the fingers, mounts and lines will say more about this type of hand. Gatherer of knowledge is their motto.

Water hands are where the palm is of a rectangle shape and the finger lengths are roughly the same length or longer than the palm height. The major lines are surrounded with many fine lines showing imaginative mind but also a highly strung nervous system and sensitivity. This type of hand feels the world, sees beyond the physical and is a dreamer and romantic at heart. Help and nourish the world is their motto.

Earth hands are where the palm is of a square shape and the finger lengths are the same height or shorter then that of the palm. Most of the time you will only see the major lines on this type of hand with very deep grounded lines. This type of hand is resilient, responsible, practical, and lean towards routine. The world doesn’t phase them much and their nerves don’t get the better of them. Build the world is their motto.

And then we have the large hands or small hands when compared to the body size. The larger the hand the more thoughtful and precise the person, while on the other hand the person is a dynamo and needs things done yesterday!

starry sun image, intuitive palmistry  readings, insights into your fate

The hand shape is not the only thing I look at. It is also the skin texture of the back of the hand, the shape and position of your fingers and the size, shape and condition of your fingernails. This is all before I turn over the hand to read the palm and its landscape and river-like lines.

The hand is also divided up into two sections down the middle giving further insight on where a persons’ focus lies in their life. The thumb side is the conscious, and the pinky side is the unconscious side. This can show how the person in front of me favours their character - a doer or a creator.

There are also other horizontal & quadrant divisions, but this post will get far too long so let’s leave it at that for now.

The Finger Prints

Fingerprints are essential in deciphering an individual's personality traits and innate abilities. Just like each person is unique, every fingerprint holds distinct insights into one's life journey. In palmistry, the three primary fingerprint types are whorl, loop, and arch - there are more but in combinations. 

Whorl prints exhibit circular patterns and are often linked to independent, complex, creative, and strong-willed individuals with a keen sense of intuition. 

Loop prints feature curved patterns and are associated with laid-back, adaptable, sociable, and empathetic people who “get” the ebb and flow of life.

Arch prints display slightly arched patterns and are connected to practical, logical, no-nonsense attitude, dogmatic and reliable individuals.

Planet Archetypes (aka the ancient gods)

So now we need to take a quick look and the planet archetypes (the ancient gods) that flavour the hand’s landscape and fingers and thumb.

Venus (Base of Thumb) - Love, pleasure, beauty, your magnetism, vitality
Luna (Outer Percussion) - Imagination, intuition, dreamer, travel, nature

Mercury (Pinky Finger & Below) - Communication, business, healing, the mind
Apollo (Ring Finger & Below) - Creativity, finances, charisma, happiness
Saturn (Tallest Finger & Below) - Responsibility, spirituality, scientific, depth
Jupiter (Index Finger & Below) - Leadership, confidence, philosophy, ambition

Mars (Across Middle of Hand) - Assertiveness, determination, athletic, warrior

The Mounts

Usually the mounts (the hills of the hand’s landscape) are the fleshy pads/mounts under the fingers and thumb. You also have fleshy mounts on the outer percussion, Mars Upper (below the Heart line) and below it the mount of Luna or the moon. the Plain of Mars is across your hand (most of the time as a “below-sea-level-area”) below the Heart line, and under the beginning of your Life line you can find the mount Mars Lower.

Modern Palmistry has included the outer planets of our solar system; Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (the status of Pluto as a planet is in the air nowadays) in its practice. The question of whether this enhances the depth of palmistry remains still open to discussion.

These padded mounts are also related to the planet archetypes as already mentioned. At times, dependant on the hand, a prominent mount (or combinations of mounts) can allude to what archetype(s) dominates the hand and give further clues & insights to the type of person setting in front of me. The dominating mounts can also highlight what your body is privy too when it is  stressed or dis-eased.

At times the mounts below the fingers come across merged. So instead of the 4 mounts you would expect you can have three and very rarely 2. The mounts can also show excessive height or nearly no height at all. Everything in moderation so a moderately mount height is the ideal where over developed or under developed talks of extremes.

My thoughts on *Apollo (Sun) which governs the ring finger and mount. Apollo was never associated with the Sun but over the ages the Apollo finger and mount has morphed into the Sun finger and mount. Palmistry, with its ancient and distinct nature, stands apart (and yet also fits together which I’ll write about in another post) from the subsequently developed field of Astrology. For whatever reason Apollo was chosen for the ring finger, and the god Apollo is not the god Helios which is and was the sun god in Apollo’s days.

Hand placed on a window with all the visible palm lines and mounts
Palmistry whoorl fingerprint
Palmistry Arch Fingerprint
Palmistry Loop Fingerprint
Palmistry with its strong association with astrology

Arrow Turn Down

The Lines

The lines in your hands are not creased lines! These lines are formed on your little hands in your Mum’s womb at around 12 weeks. Most of the major lines also work with the bending of the hand. All lines on your hand can change; changes, or reforms / transforms. The major lines (Heart, Head, Life and at times Fate) don’t change too much but can form breaks, overlaps, have lines run through them, and have patterned-lines form along side of them. The lines can also represent an elemental tone… curved lines are more feminine in nature (water and earth) and straight lines are more masculine in nature (air and fire).

The lines in your hand are magical and can tell a real lot about you as a person, where you have been and where you are going. It should also be made clear that your hands are organic in nature and not fixed in stone and that means major foreseen problems can be averted if you apply yourself to making change!

Heart Line is the first line that crosses your hand below your fingers starting from the percussion side of your hand under the pinky. The Heart line stretches across the palm and usually ends in three areas; under the Saturn finger, in-between the Saturn & Jupiter fingers, or under the Jupiter finger. Saturn is of course more stern full, practical and shows through actions, where Jupiter is more playful, visual, pride-like, happier and idealistic. The Hear Line can sit more towards the fingers where it is more in the idealistic/matter-of-fact zone, or closer down towards the Head Line where it is more action orientated and expressive/passionate as it sits closer to the zone of Mars.

It is very rare to see a clean starting Heart Line as where it starts represent your starting years. If the Heart Line is straight the person comes across more cooler or aloof with their emotions and can be possessive. The curvier the line the more expressive and showing of ones’ emotions the person is and is more idealistic with love. The depth of the line highlights further the emotional depth or the emotional shallowness of the person.

Head Line is the second line that crosses your hand below the Heart Line. It starts from the thumb side of the hand an can be intertwined with your Life Line or independent setting above it. The Head Line reveals your mindset, your approach to intellectual problems, determination and the way you see the world. Distinctively the Head Line is either straight in its travelling across the hand or curved, to extremely curved. The straighter the line the more logical and practical the hand, whilst the curved line presents a more imaginative, sensitive  and creative hand. Very rarely the Head Line can turn upwards towards the Mercury finger which shows strong business acumen with a sharp mind for communications and debate. It can also very rarely start from within the Life Line that can give the hand a feisty, touchy and irritable approach to life.

The ending of the Head Line reveals further scope to the hand’s potential. When the Head Line ends in a reasonable sized fork it reveals the hand has a diplomatic approach to life and can see the issue (“step in their shoes” so to speak) from the other person’s perspective. This also reveals the ability for writing and good expression and is flavoured by the mount it ends in.
The depth or shallowness of the Head Line is another indicator if the hand is headstrong and focused (always forging ahead) or weak of mind (vacillating and easily distracted).

Astrology constellation zodiac wheel in a gold colour
Palmistry hand makrked with the palmer lines and the planets
starry sun image, intuitive palmistry  readings, insights into your fate

Life Line is the obvious line that starts under the index finger and runs around the base of the thumb, and in most cases into the wrist. The Life Line is our vitality and how we engage life. The line can also reveal how “earthed” you are in your body and how well you take care of it. The deeper the line the more grounded and vitality the holder has, but when thin and light in the hand it denotes a more cerebral approach to life where the body is not looked after.

Where the Life Line starts on the palm can shed light on your upbringing. Starting closer to the index finger gives the Life Line an influential Jupiter energy; a big-minded life, adventurist, humanitarian and philosophical approach to life. If the start of the Life Line is more towards the thumb, an influential Mars energy is present; dynamic, fiery, argumentative, bravery, the need to be first and stand on ones feet regardless of the consequences.

For me I also use the Life Line to represent your spine, starting with your upper spine at the beginning of the life Line and the base of your spine finishing at the end of the Life Line. Disruptions, excessive colouring and breaks in your Life Line relates to dis-ease in that particular area of your spine/body. The Life Line can also tell me if you are not drinking enough fresh water for your body type.

Fate Line runs up the hand towards the tallest finger, the finger of Saturn. The Fate Line can start from any place in the lower hand and can be identified as always running up towards the finger of Saturn give or take 1-2cm either side. The qualities of the line is depended on where it starts in the hand. It can also start from a line like the Life Line, Head Line, or Heart Line.

This is one of the most talked about line as it is tied to the word “fate”. This line is also called the Saturn line as it runs up the hand towards the finger of Saturn. For me the energy of the Fate line is Earth - grounded, stable and persistent!
This line is a very malleable line as it comes and goes, weaves and changes, but I’ve found when it starts at the base of the hand it showing early childhood was of more adult-like then a child-like experience. The Fate Line exhibits a drive and a not-give-up attitude in the person but also a passion for what they call their career or calling. The line also indicates a “very-deep” character.

There are several minor lines which can come and go in the hand like for example the Apollo Line under the ring finger, the Mercury Line that runs up the hand towards the pinky finger, the Mars Line(s) that run on the inside of your Life Line and is also referred to as Second Life Line, Sister Life Line(s), or Inner World Lines. Then there is also the rare Girdle of Venus that always sits above the Heart Line and is usually found between the inner edges of the Index finger and the Ring finger forming roughly a concave arc. Importantly there are also the relationship lines that can be found on the outer edge of the palm and in the space, under the Pinky and above the Heart Line. Then mostly down in the Luna area of the hand you have your Health Line and the Line of Intuition.

The Simian Line is a rare one to find, but when you do see it it is the combination of the Heart Line & the Head Line. It can sit where the Head Line usually sits or it can sit a little higher in the hand where the Heart Line sits. This line is only found in about 10% of the world’s population

People with the Simian Line are known for seeking truth, expressing their opinions boldly, and being straightforward. They struggle with inconsistencies in the world, which can lead to drastic shifts in their personalities. Often, individuals with this line hold influential positions such as prime ministers, CEOs, innovative entrepreneurs, leaders of religious or political groups.

Detailed Palmistry hand with mount markings, lines and the zodiac
Palmistry talisman in a beautiful burnt orange colour

On A Sidenote

I have spent numerous years investigating the correlation between modern Astrology and Palmistry. My research has revealed various connections that I have empirically validated. But as I delved further into this topic, I have discover the historical origins of Palmistry does not align totally with modern astrology. This pattern also extends to Tarot, which has been adjusted to harmonise with the Golden Dawn system; Kabbala and modern Astrology.

Although that might be the case there is a lot to be said for the connection Astrology has with Palmistry which I will explore further in an upcoming post. 

Keeping with ancient Palmistry I see the natal chart in the hand but not with the planets in our solar system, but with the god archetypes that was present at the time to explain the regions and fingers/thumb of the palm.

In the end I believe we are made of pure energy which is everywhere and throughout integrating with our DNA and setting us up for a journey. That journey can be seen in our anatomy, especially in both our hands; encapsulating our spirituality and the reason for being here (non-dominant hand) and how we have gone about it… the dominant hand.

Magical looking palmistry hand with moon, sun and stars

Understanding & Guidance

I have seen thousands upon thousands of hands in the last 25-30 years of reading and each one has been unique! If you’d like to find out about your hands and the story they tell then please come join me for a 1hr Palmistry Reading face to face, or virtually online.

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