Is It Fate Or Destiny?

Jul 13, 2022

This has been pondered, talked and disputed about over the centuries and today it still confuses us all.

What is “fate” and what is “destiny”, and how is it possible for us to be in charge of our own life if it is already ‘fated’ or ‘destined’? Well once you get to understand the difference you will be amazed at how easy it is for us to get behind our own steering wheel…

To begin with we need to understand energy and its innate nature.
Everything is made of energy. Energy vibrates at different speeds. The slower the speed, the denser and more visible is the object (e.g. wood) and conversely, the higher the speed the lighter and less visible is the object (e.g. air). Energy affects matter. This has been proven through Quantum Mechanics. 

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Our internal thoughts are made of energy vibrating at high speed and therefore can’t be seen with the naked eye, however, they can be measured and believe it or not we have around 60,000 thoughts a day!

That is a lot of invisible energy we are expending and which we are mostly oblivious to, but that impacts not only our reality but also our fate. This becomes apparent when we look at Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics (the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level) has proven that the experimenter’s mind can influence the experiment. Similarly, our human mind can influence the atoms and sub-atomic particles around us meaning that we can influence reality, specifically our individual reality, through our thoughts.

So, understanding that everything is energy and that energy can be influenced by a human mind, what role does it play in our fate and destiny?

Now Let’s Talk Fate…

Repetitive thinking whether positive or negative can influence matter therefore you should become aware of your thinking patterns, because those repetitive thinking patterns are bringing into your life exactly what you are repetitively thinking! Unfortunately, most of us think thoughts that trip us up, put us down, belittle us, short change us, and so much more. So what are we setting ourselves up for? Our fate! Fate is what we create in our current lifetime through the actions we take which stem from our thinking… If we are constantly thinking that life sucks, well guess what? life will most certainly suck.

You may have noticed repeating patterns in your life. The situations will always be different but, nonetheless, the pattern is there tripping you up. This is fate running in a loop like “groundhog day” pushing the point… until you learn from it so not to repeat it ever again.

So that means we are masters of our own fate! That means our mindset and consequently our actions can change our fate!

When we read your cards, the Minor Arcana (the four suits representing Earth, Fire, Air, & Water, numbered 1-10 and the Court cards) represents your fate. For most of the time you are not aware what you have put into motion but as  readers we can see your fated patterns in the appearance of the Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana can tell you were you are at, how you got there, and how it will unfold. The magic in that is that if you like what will unfold keep on doing what you are doing, but if you don’t like what will unfold then you have the power to alter the outcome. If you have enough desire and determination you can totally change it, or you can otherwise alter it in your favour… your fate is of your own making!

Now What About Destiny…

Destiny is more like your blueprint for this lifetime.

A good example of this is a seed. We may not know what the seed is but we do know that it needs soil, water, and sunlight to grow. The seed itself knows what it has to become because it is all pre-built into it. This is its blueprint. It just needs the right conditions and it will do the rest. The seed not only has a unique chemical composition, but also a vibration, a frequency.

Take this idea to the human level: there are a lot of factors coming into play from the moment of conception through to birth such as the 9 months of chemical, vibrational environment, numbers, astrology, moon phases, etc… all this sets up our blueprint, or our destiny, giving us a longing that we just can’t put our finger on but it is always there tugging at us, guiding us.

Like the photographed energy blueprint (Kirlian Photography) of a leaf which shows the outline of the full leaf before it has even uncurled into its space, so too do we have a blueprint in place to give us guidance and understanding for our journey in this lifetime.

When we read your cards the Major Arcana (22 cards representing the 5th element of ether or spirit) in a reading represent your over reaching destiny. Many people can only feel the unknown tugging of destiny, but as a reader we can see what this tugging is through your numbers, astrology, moon phases, and the Major Arcana.

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The Major Arcana can give you understanding of what your Destiny is in this lifetime and can also let you know your lifetime learnings are along the way. 

All in all, the Tarot cards are a visual representation of our spiritual (Major Arcana) and our day to day (Minor Arcana) emotional (Cups), mental (Swords), inner-drive (Wands) and earthly happenings (Pentacles) in our current lifetime. They are a mirror to our Soul.

To conclude, the Tarot is an empowering tool representing the storybook of your life at the time of your reading, it gives you clarity, understanding and direction, it reflects your inner wisdom or subconscious thoughts, and it is a mirror of your soul where destiny and its learning lessons reside.

A Tarot reading is magical and is a gift from your soul to you through this beautiful medium, the Tarot.

The Tarot read throughout the ages.
Tarot readings give insight and understanding inot your life.
Tarot readings give insight and understanding into your life.
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